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Allah written in Arabic

The Existence of God

The existence of God is much debated in society today. Does God really exist? How do we negate atheistic arguments against the existence of God?

The mosque of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Accusations Against the Prophet (s)

According to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, the Prophet (s) is known to be amongst the greatest and most just leaders in history. Then, why do misconceptions exist about the Prophet (s)? Is there a basis to these misconceptions?

A compass on a map

Shia Leadership

It can be difficult and confusing for Muslims to navigate society in these times. How do Shias follow Imam Mahdi (a) while awaiting his return? Does he have representatives for them to follow?

A hijab man and woman, with a tree in between, and a sunset-like background

Understanding Hijab

Hijab is a defining characteristic of Islam, and one that has been targeted since colonial times. Given the history of the relationship between Islam and the West, many wonder, what makes hijab so necessary and important? Does the hijab exist for both men and women?

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The afterlife is an an aspect of the human being’s journey that no one alive has experienced. Yet, the Day of Judgement is an important element of the Islamic belief system. Then how does one know that there is a Day of Judgement? What is the need for Judgement and what does it entail?

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