How is it fair for God to “test” us, make us work on our souls, and oblige us to follow religious rules when we did not ask to be born and be placed on earth?

To say that we did not ask to be created so religious obligations are unfair, is a logical fallacy. To be asked, the human being would have to be created already. A being that is not born, or created, cannot be asked about anything.

Also, think about the following points;

1) God is a being far removed from us created beings. We are not equals that we should be asked before being created. To say why He didn’t ask us is to reduce Him to our level. God is the ultimate authority. He created for a purpose, according to the infinite wisdom He possesses. He does not need to ask permission to create. The Creator does not ask the created. 

2) Creation is a manifestation and reflection of the glory of Allah. The human being has the potential to manifest His attributes best. This requires servitude and growth through challenges. 

3) The ability to choose whether you want to be created or not depends on free will and knowledge. Both would be lacking for the created being unless the Creator decided to give them to it. Free will was given for life on earth and applies to the actions the created being will perform. Knowledge is acquired through life. Without these qualities no choice can be made.

4) Existence is better than non-existence. Life is a gift and is beautiful when creation lives according to the expectations of the Creator. Being created can be viewed with gratitude and appreciation rather than as a burden that should be avoided. With the correct mindset, we can view challenges as opportunities for growth and attaining true happiness.

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