How do we deal with having family members who do taqlid of (i.e. follow) different Maraaji’ in one household (i.e. between spouses, parent/child. etc.)?

When individuals do taqlid of different Maraaji’ in one home it can sometimes bring about differences in how certain things are practiced. A seemingly big difference amongst those is the celebration of holidays. However, to assuage the concerns family members may have when a member of the family chooses to follow a different Marja’, one must understand that choosing a Marja’ isn’t a competition or a place where you must “align” yourself with your family. The responsibility of choosing who to do taqlid of is an individual one and should not be chosen based on “who your family follows” (see: “How is a Marja’ chosen?”).

The rulings of the Maraaji’ should not be seen as one being better than the other, and if one does something different (in accordance with the fiqh rulings outlined by their Marja’) it does not mean they are acting incorrectly. The Maraaji’ are knowledgeable scholars who follow a variety of sciences to discern their laws and it is done only after extensive studying and reliance on Quran and hadith. It is possible however that different Maraaji’ will ascertain slightly different rulings on a subject based on how they approach the subject.

Given the details of how a Marja’ is chosen and that there is no competition or superiority of rulings, the concerns in a family must then be met with understanding and acceptance that each person has taken on the responsibility to follow a Marja’ they feel is most knowledgeable and should not be questioned because Eid does not fall on the same day for them. Rather, family members should be accommodating and support one another in their taqlid. There would have to be some compromises made but it is an expression of the respect of individual choice within families.

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